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JnS || Ko AKA King/Kueen (Queen) K

I can spot... 109845925743987 errors :icongo-on-plz:
  • What are those ?!?!?!? dem green shoes will be redone later on 
  • One short of the shorts is longer than the other short :iconweepplz:
  • "TBA BG!!" ????? even I don't understand myself :iconexorcistinglipplz: you'll get what it means later on :iconheplz:
  • I would list more but grew laze :iconlazeplz: :iconplak5plz:


Come join us next enrollment!! :iconskankyplz:

[ G E N E R A L ]

Name || Ko Filbert Civetta

  • General Nicknames || K, KFC, WashclothFeel free to add more :iconskankyplz:

  • Specifically without Glasses || Filbert, Feel free to add more :iconskankyplz:

Age || 17

Birthday || December 4th

Sex || Male

Sexual Orientation || Que sera, sera :iconhidingtrollfaceplz:

Height || 175 cm (5’9”)

Weight || 57 kg (125 lbs)

Ethnicity || Mixed (Japanese, American, Italian)

Year || 3rd year

Club || ---

[ P E R S O N A L ]

Split (represented with ||) Personality ||

  • Star! Lively + Friendly + Optimistic || Star! Alert + Intuitive + Kindhearted

  • No Star Perverted - Airy - Erratic || No Star Cynical - Rude - Sharp-tongued

Star!    The moon shines bright, like his smile. A boy of feminine touch, feminine features, and rowdy personality; K can make many smile. Everyday, you'd see the boy hopping about, looking for conversation to meddle in. His kind and cheery aura radiates even brighter than the sun. Its radiance may even affect the coldest people, despite the change being small.

No Star    With positive brightness also comes unavoidable dark. The negative side to this bright boy is his perversity. Despite looking innocent, his smile hides a dirty mind. Beware of whatever comes out of that sly mouth. 

    Often, K cannot catch when a mood is serious—he also CAN'T be serious. It is hard to say that anyone has seen his smile fade, because no one has ever seen it fade. His smiling poker face also contributes to his unpredictable personality. It is confusing to try to understand what the young boy is up to—one surefire thing though is that he is not possessed.


Star!    Behind those spectacles are almost an entirely different person. The strength in his distrust is so powerful that even if they were being honest he fails to understand their sincerity—usually ending with a harsh phrase. The boy’s words are almost all critical and destructive, and most of that judgement can either be taken as a joke or taken as a stab; a fatal stab. The only thing he trusts easily are his instincts, and sometimes his instincts are perceptive. He possesses a bad-temper and absolutely refuses to act cheerful in any kind of situation—even when he’s sniffing flowers or alone.

No Star    In the positives, he is quick to notice any potential “dangers” (or people) and avoid them, hence why he’s been able to avoid attention with his foreign looks. Overall, he is a very kind and big-hearted person. He tries to remember every person his harsh words impaled, often sending them a letter of apology—which if caught writing them, he would pass it off that he was only writing poems as a hobby.

General Likes Star! ||

  • Beverages over meals (e.g. coke, Starbucks, bubble tea)

  • Cosplaying/Crossdressing

  • Coke flavored ice cream

  • Ko (likes specifically for him) ||

    • Making others laugh

    • Slacking off

  • Filbert (likes specifically for him) ||

    • Composing/Writing/Literature

    • Being alone

General Dislikes No Star ||

  • Fighting/Violence/Combat/Drama

  • Large meals

  • Fish (fish bones can get caught in his teeth)

  • Ko (dislikes specifically for him) ||

    • Misery

    • Loneliness

  • Filbert (dislikes specifically for him) ||

    • Crowds

    • Being the center of attention

Background ||

  • tldr || At a young age, the androgynous baby learned to curse before he walked. His mother's cursing training led to a bully-like personality in his childhood. With contrasting parents, his father would teach him the opposite. Because of the struggle between the two parents’ extremely different trainings, Filbert developed split personality. That is why you'll never see him frown wearing glasses, as you'll never see him smile without.

    Going into further depth, his mother had held a delinquent identity as "Witch" once in her life. At first she only needed a defense mechanism due to her mixed foreigner looks. Her defense mechanism was her cursing skills, and no one knows where she learnt them. Eventually her cursing became popular through the delinquent population.

    However, as random as it seems, the mother abandoned her delinquent days quickly. She stopped fighting others and studied more often. Her studying soon paid off when she became a midwife in the future.

    When she received a break, the mother aimed to find a lover this time. Using her salary, she vacated to Paris. In Paris, the mother met the father whom was a culinary student under training. The lovers moved back to the father's homeland, Italy, where they had their baby. 

    Because the mother had faced it once in her life, she felt the need to teach the boy the same cursing skills. As a result of her training, he developed a delinquent-like demeanor. He often accidentally became the bully in his childhood, using curse words in the wrong way. On the other hand, his father taught him to be happy and joyful. The man would put his glasses on his cute little son. The father would also attempt to teach him how to cook, having the mother be the test subject. 

    As the days pass with two different persons, the boy had to put on two different personalities. Because of the struggle between alter egos, the boy developed split personality disorder. Ko being him with glasses, Filbert being him without. The disorder was not obvious until a long span of time, when the glasses were worn. Without glasses, he was rude and quiet. With glasses, he was jumpy and a puppy. It would be normal if he sometimes acted himself with glasses when he was not wearing glasses. And the opposite as well. However, it only changed strictly on whether he wore glasses or not every single time. The worried parents visited the hospital. They learnt he had a disorder. 

    It only developed because the two had contrasting personalities, and raised him somewhat separately. Although it was sad, the two knew they could not raise him any longer—lest his split personality increase. Because the glasses were his father’s, the boy chose not to wear it, or his father might blindly cook, which was bad. However, without his notice, the father had snuck the glasses case into the boy’s pocket, just in case. Filbert (not wearing glasses) moved to Kyoto, Japan, where his mother's grandparents were.

    When brought to kindergarten, Filbert was immediately bullied for his foreigner looks. His first days in Kyoto were rough, almost always coming back with cuts, bruises, and blood. The boy could not defend himself as well, since no one understood the Italian and English curse words. Those rough days however, quickly disappeared as quickly as they came. It was evident the boy had made friends with people who had similar problems. Filbert also eventually learned the Japanese cursing vocabulary.

    In middle school, Filbert's glasses case was finally noticed. One of his friends placed it on Filbert out of curiosity and Ko came out. A remarkably cheerful and lively young lad, Ko gained even more friends despite his looks. His relationships with his six kindergarten friends grew even deeper as well.

    The two personalities worked amazingly well together, as the oldest of his six friends thought. Having his mother's studying traits, Filbert is often found studying. This trait generally filled the body with the knowledge that aids Ko, who would often slack off trying to make new friends. Meanwhile, as someone who likes to socialize and talk often, Ko would have to speak the Japanese tongue. This requirement aids the foreigner into developing the Japanese tongue AND also aids Filbert in his Japanese cursing vocabulary. Eventually this smooth process allowed the boy to pass the test and help F and U cheat to a prestigious school with F and U. He had no idea why he was attending it in the first place, but if his friends were going then so will he. Soon, the rest of his six friends came!
What will happen to this boy? Find out in the JnS show!! :iconhidingtrollfaceplz:

[ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ]

Family ||

  • Daddy (no actual name yet :iconplak5plz:) Civetta || Ko’s Italian father. A culinary student training in Paris, he eventually earned a well-paying job in an expensive restaurant. He has a lively and cheerful personality, enjoying making others laugh.

  • Kohaku Civetta (maiden name Filbert) || Filbert’s half-American half-Japanese mother. Originally a skilled delinquent, this lady mysteriously vanished from delinquent society in order to become a midwife. She has a big heart and a large cursing vocabulary.

J-n-S ||

  • F || childhood friend

    • Ko || F and K are friends who learn things together, from school subjects to everything. NSFW :iconpervheplz:

    • Filbert || They speak the tongue of man. :iconmanlytearsplz:

  • U || childhood friend

    • Ko || When around other students, they both act civil towards each other, but whenever alone, they joke around where it’s not too strong and not too passive. :iconhidingtrollfaceplz:

    • Filbert || During student council meetings, U would take off Ko’s glasses to bring out Filbert. In a sense, Filbert would be doing all the work during student council meetings while Ko relaxes. Filbert and U have a relationship of serious discussions… such as which coke flavor is better. :icongo-on-plz:

  • C || childhood friend

    • Ko || K holds a somewhat civil relationship with C where Ko’s form of civil is expressed through simple smiles and random blabbers about the future. :iconjunesplz:

    • Filbert || Filbert can somewhat perceive C’s dislike towards Ko, and does not know it’s because of N. As someone who dislikes his other self with glasses, Filbert can relate and tries to befriend C. The befriending somewhat goes differently where they end up having roasting training together, along with being roasting rivals of some sort. :iconjunesplz:

  • O || childhood friend

    • Ko || Sometimes treats O like a sister, sometimes like a mother. :iconskankyplz: (more HC will form later on)

    • Filbert || Filbert is civil towards O. :icongo-on-plz: (more HC will form later on)

  • N || childhood friend

    • Ko || Best tomos! ❤ K and N somewhat have similar personalities where they both have their secrets. :icondokiplz: 

    • Filbert || Ko caught N when they were both children. Ko did not really catch N crushing on Ko. Later on, Ko fell into the void of cosplay. The cosplaying slowly caused N to forget how Ko originally looked like :iconmagi8plz:, and then later on N forgot his childhood crush. However, whenever Ko is not in cosplay, N would unconsciously feel his heart thumping, not realizing it’s because of his old childhood crush. He would think he has heart problems near Ko and needs to go to the doctor.

  • S || childhood friend

    • Ko || Sees S as a little brother!! :iconlazyshyplz:

    • Filbert || Also sees S as a little brother!! :iconskankyplz:

  • Come soon friends, come soon!

[ A D D I T I O N A L ]

Trivia ||

  • Has split personality disorder (dissociative identity disorder; this is generally for RP purposes and should not be taken out of context [I don't know what context means :iconplak3plz:]) Has two alternative identities: Ko and Filbert. The personalities switches upon wearing glasses or taking them off. :icongo-on-plz:

  • Androgynous; cool with any pronouns and keeps his gender a secret until found out. When he was born, his parents thought he was a she. :iconskankyplz:

  • His jacket mysteriously changes color when his personalities switch (but in actuality he changes it manually, keeping a spare jacket in his school bag.) :iconhidingtrollfaceplz:

  • His hair also mysteriously unties itself/ties itself back when his personalities switch (but like his jacket, he changes it manually; himself without glasses can be seen with a hairband on the left wrist.) :iconhidingtrollfaceplz:

  • Cosplays as a hobby, usually it goes by unnoticed—hence why he’s been able to avoid getting caught in a clown costume during a photoshoot for his ID profile picture. :iconhidingtrollfaceplz:

  • Sometimes his Italian tongue slips out. :iconrlyplz:

  • Civetta means “little owl.” :iconheplz:

  • VA: Imagine it :icontrollfaceplz:

  • If you're confused with anything else, just ask me :icondojimathumbsupplz:

Quotes ||

  • Ko || "Hm…? Hello, hello-- where’s your coke there, bud?!?! Don’t worry, I’ll get one for you! :iconpervheplz:

  • Filbert || "Hm...? *BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconangrylazeplz:"

[ R P_P R E F E R E N C E S ]

Style || Literature, HC, Script, and any other suggestion ~★☆

Platform || DiscordSkype, Google Docs, Notes, and any other suggestion ~★☆

Timezones || GMT -7

Thank you for viewing this original 3496879458 months wip with 109845925743987 errors!! :iconlazyshyplz:

//revives this place by throwing revive potion :iconinglipplz:
Zepter - Ruby San'en
App for :iconz-e-p-t-e-r:

If you have a hard time drawing her, the extra shows a simpler version c:


Name|| Rubisciel San'en
  • Alias|| Ruby | Roobie Rotten | Gimme nicknames pls :iconpapmingplz:

Gender|| Female

Age|| 4.5 (Horse) | 21 (Human)

Height|Weight|| 165cm | 52kg

Date of Birth|| February 4th

Sexual Orientation|| Heterosexual

Race|| Unicorn

Special Job|| Swordsman

Weapon|| First Family Heirloom - Pegabladicus I

  • Weapon Duration|| [50/50]


  • Craftsmanship Passive|| Record - records down any notes at any time. This allows Ruby to help the Templar deal with paperwork. Weakness: requires any form to write with (e.g. pen, pencil, marker, chalk) and anything to write on (e.g. a wall, a paper, a chalkboard). Meaning, Record wouldn't mean anything without those two tools.
  • Active|| Tumble - dodge any attacks or blows swiftly by tumbling backwards or sideways. May tumble further, but Weakness: weakened offense for a short amount of time. Lose a small amount of stamina, becoming an easier target. Also requires prediction and timing.
  • Active|| Avant-garde - on the way, experiment different physical ways to either attack, counter, defend, dodge, or etc. Weakness: a skill based on luck. Experimentation may either be a success or a failure. If failure, can cause initiator to be weakened in defense for a while, higher chance for critical hit from enemy.
  • Locked Passive|| Block - defend self by blocking blows and attacks with swift blade clashes. Weakness: block does not necessarily mean to be invincible. Will deal only less damage. Also sometimes fail, and initiator ends up getting hit, dealing even higher damage due to failure. Additionally, has a high risk to deflect and hit initiator.
  • Locked Active|| Stamina - by activation, regain much stamina, allowing for easier blocks, and easier predictions on when to use tumble. Allows user to move swifter and quicker. Weakness: lasts only for a few minutes before deactivating, causing for even lower amount of stamina, becoming an easier target. 

Residence|| Du'Rank | Inn
Mynh|| p00r :iconweepplz:


:bulletgreen: Cool, Dignified, Forthright, Insouciant, Kind, Magnanimous, Neat

    Despite the intimidating poker-face she possesses, Ruby is a really friendly and chill individual. She knows how to make people feel welcome without words and is basically a chilling spot. Her serious manner towards certain situations dubbed her as a dignified woman, in which people may find respectful, and her forthright attitude is exactly why people feel safe near her. Ruby never stresses, and casually deals with it when it comes with a thumbs up and a nod, and her generous and forgiving nature makes it hard to hate her even if she becomes your rival. She is very organized with her things, giving any innkeeper less work on their hands.

:bulletwhite: Stoic, Silent, Calm, Masculine

    Ruby's expressions had never changed since the incident, always remaining as listless and not even showing the smallest amount of smile. She is also very quiet, not because she is shy, but due to the very incident that had happened. Because she is so quiet, Ruby expresses herself through the communication of a notebook and sometimes body. She has a calm demeanor, and may be manly enough to even cause women's hearts to beat.

:bulletred: Narcissistic, Introverted, Slightly Rude, Absent-minded, Intimidating (Appearance-wise)

    Although she admits it, Ruby dislikes being called a narcissist. Being very vain, Ruby would always catch a chance to look herself in the mirror. People would think she is remembering a terrible past, but its just her admiring her red eyes and silver horn. She has an introverted personality, and can be seen as cold, appearance-wise. She likes being alone (and being a chilling spot does not really help, still please do hang out with this small little cinnamon bun :iconhappy-plz:) and many find her looks a bit cold, and so people who are very sensitive upon first meetings might dislike Ruby upon seeing her.

Likes|| Animals, Herself, Reading, Fighting, Being alone (does not mind crowds however), Quiet (but can handle loud noises), Cleaning, Ikemen Teacher

Dislikes|| Vegetables, Itchiness, Poor Hygiene, Being called narcissist


    Somewhere near the two kingdoms, Du’Rank and Ilvymore, lived a noble half-horse family, San’en. They were known for some of their rare unicorns and pegasi. The household even contained three important family heirlooms: Pegabladicus, the Pegasus blade; Unicandent, the Unicorn wand; and Ponicannon, literally Pony cannon.
    In that family, Ruby was born a triplet and unicorn. And of course, because she was a unicorn, Ruby had a unique affinity for magic. Her childhood was filled with magical tutors and such, and when Ruby became 14, she was transferred to Ilvymore School (her parents learning about it from a tutor) to study and learn magic.
    During her studies, Ruby learned about Du’Rank people from her teacher mentioning them. She was curious, and so went to the library to find out who they were. In weaponry books, Ruby grew to admire them as rather than utilize magic to do things, Du’Rank people fought with rough weapons, having to hold heavy items and depend on their physical levels. Eventually, Ruby’s growing admiration became what she wanted to become. She would skip her magical studies to explore weaponry skills, such as ‘Tumble,’ and a self-developed skill of her own, ‘Avant-garde.’
    One day in the library, a 16-year-old Ruby learned about Pegabladicus in a weaponry book. When she was young, she did not really understand the family heirlooms. The only thing she did understand back then was that she felt a bit drawn towards the blade of Pegabladicus. And so, in the book, it warned the dangers of the family heirloom as it took away someone’s magical affinity in exchange for greater physical affinity. With that warning in mind, Ruby knew she did not want to become a wizard or scholar: she wanted to become a templar or swordsman.
    The young girl revisited her parents and exchanged greetings (since they hadn’t met for a long time when Ruby transferred to Ilvymore School and had been exchanging letters.) She then requested for Pegabladicus. Her parents repeated the warnings that was in the book, stating how it took away her magical powers for physical powers. They boasted how she had great and unique magical affinity that can bring her to become a great wizard. Unfortunately, their attempts to convince Ruby failed. She found the area where the three family heirlooms were, and then went for Pegabladicus. Upon touching the hilt, she felt a great tingle that went through her whole body, finally ending at the tip of her horn. The horn developed blue magical spores indicating what Ruby believed was the seal of her magical affinity. Unfortunately it was something else entirely: she could no longer speak.
    Her worried parents had Ruby visit a doctor. Fortunately, she still had a little bit of magical affinity left. Unfortunately, it was not as high as before, and was weaker than a normal human being’s. Even more unfortunate: she’d lost her ability to speak. This was a rare case in all the history of the half-horse family. With what had happened due to Ruby’s impudence, her parents decided to transfer her to Du’rank School. With her common interest being weaponry, Ruby raised up to who she wanted to become: a swordsman.


tba.. :iconplakmingplz::iconplak5plz:


- Based off of the three wise monkeys. But not really :iconheplz:
- Ruby's hair is black, not dark brown. :iconpsyduckseestoo:
- Ruby is a mute. If she ever speaks again, she would sound like Aimer.
- Despite receiving an important family heirloom, Ruby does not view it as that much important. She only sees it as a trophy for winning over her parents. 

RP Methods

Timezone|| Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Method|| Mainly Lit/Paragraph, Script, etc.
Platform|| Discord, Skype, Google Docs, DevArt notes, etc.


Outfit design idea (c) un-goki :iconheplz: ty


No journal entries yet.


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